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AFFILIATE PROGRAM affiliate program is one of the very few that pays for referring free hosting signups and offers web hosting industry top affiliate commissions for paid hosting orders and upgrades!

Get paid for Every Free Hosting Signup you refer!

Yes, free hosting affiliate program not only pays some of the highest affiliate commissions in the web hosting industry, but we also pay very 10 cents for every active free web hosting account that you refer. So that our web hosting affiliate program might be a perfect solution for both web site owners and active Internet users to get some extra income from their Internet activities.

Due to free website hosting offered that is VERY easy to refer visitors and have them signup at least for a free site hosting plan, and thus that is very easy to earn 10 cents for every valid free hosting site user you refer. And in case in a week, in a month, in a year or 10 years your referal upgrades to one of the paid unlimited hosting or VPS hosting plans (that happens quite often due to the limits of free webhosting plan) then you are paid a HUGE commission as per the commission structure below.

1+ free signups per month - 10 cents per free signup;

1-2 sales per month (Unlimited, Semi-Dedicated or VPS hosting plans) - $60 per sale*;

3-19 sales per month (Unlimited, Semi-Dedicated or VPS hosting plans) - $110 per sale*;

20+ sales per month (Unlimited, Semi-Dedicated or VPS hosting plans) - $125 per sale*.

* by sale we mean either an initial order of paid hosting plan or an upgrade from a free hosting to paid hosting plan

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Affiliate Program FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does your Affiliate Program work?

A: You only put a special affiliate banner (affiliate link) to some of the appropriate places/pages of your site and start referring target visitors (potential clients) to Hosting site. And we do all the hard work - we process free signups and sales, provide customer support, etc. and you get your commissions every time one of your referrals subscribe to any web hosting plan.

Q: And if my referrals do not sign up right away?

A: Hosting Affiliate Program software logs all the referrals you bring to our site and keeps the logged information for up to 10 years, so that if your referrals tend to not sign up right away, but they come back in a while, we can still assign those referrals to a proper affiliate account and thus to pay a commission.

Q: How much do I get paid?

A: You are paid the very 10 cents per every active free web hosting client that you refer, and you are paid from $60 and up to $125 for every sale of advanced web hosting (Unlimited, Semi-Dedicated, VPS hosting) plan as well as for every upgrade from free hosting to advanced hosting plan that you refer.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Affiliate commissions are issued and paid on "net60" basis, so that e.g. the commissions for October are paid between 10-15th of December. Commissions are issued and paid if your affiliate balance reaches $100, otherwise the commissions are moved to the next payout.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Free Hosting Affiliate Program supports 4 different payment methods such as PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Bank Transfer (also called Wire Transfer) and a Paper Check mailed to your location. You can choose whatever payment type you prefer in Affiliate Program control panel.

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